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  • Trailer Music Essentials

  • Listening to the track, Structure, Harmony & Theory, Strings, Brass, Percussions, Synths, Choirs, Processed Guitars, Vocals, Hits & FX, Mixing and Mastering

  • Trailer Music Business section

    In this section, we are talking about all the essential things you need to know about royalties, sync fees, performance rights organizations, possible deals, publishing methods, how to build connections and also a little section about mental health

and do you have any credits?

Below you can see an excerpt of released albums that I had the please to write or to be a part of. My music has also been used in many movie trailers such as Pacfic Rim, Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and his music is currently featured in around 60+ tv shows across the globe. 

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Each video has a comment section where you can ask questions or leave comments. Below you can see more feedback on what people have to say about the course. Due to respecting privacy, I blurred out the names.

One last thing, ... I am sold if there is any chance of a free video?

"Hold my beer!"

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